Introduction to Sailing.

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The sport of sailboat racing is one of excitement and strategy. Not only are you competing against the times of other boats, but you are also up against the wind and your own sailing knowledge and abilities. Introduction to Sailing is designed to teach you the fundamentals of sailboat racing. Once you understand the basic strategies, you can race a sailboat on the 'Skipper's Course' and the 'Web Cup Course.'

If you have never sailed before, or if you do not understand the tenets of sailing strategy, such as tacking and the different types of sails, we suggest that you proceed through the 'All Hands on Deck' section. If you already feel comfortable skippering your boat around the courses, then feel free to challenge yourself to a personal best time.

Finally, the 'About this Game' section gives you the story behind the creation of this game, and creation credits for Introduction to Sailing.

Index of Flash content:

  1. Welcome to Sailing - A synopsis of the content
  2. All hands on Deck - Information on sailing fundamentals
    1. The Sailboat - The anatomy of a sailboat.
    2. The Sails - The different types of sails, and their purpose.
    3. Sailing Downwind - Techniques for sailing downwind
    4. Sailing Upwind - Techniques for sailing upwind
    5. Racing Courses - Synopsis of current sailboat racing courses
    6. Boat Controls - Guide to using the game controls
  3. Skipper's Course - the basic sailboat racing course
  4. Web Cup Course - an advanced sailboat racing course
  5. About the game - the story behind the creation of this game

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